Influencing disruptions in ever-changing retail, warehouse and health industries

A strategy is a roadmap for organisations to hone them to their respective objectives. From marketing strategies to product roadmap strategies, success is cemented on how such plans are executed. Along the way, a lot has to be negotiated and metrics traded off against one another that will either provide a tactical remedy or a strategic panacea. While it is the team that works towards such a role, the vision of the leadership ought to encompass and adapt to the various weathers of corporate ups and downs. This whole process, less so the technical façades of a product, determines whether…

Gauge theories, symmetries, machine learning and all that

Aim: For this initial post, I want to present a brief introduction to key concepts in differential (Riemann) geometry necessary to understand the forthcoming posts that sit at the intersection of machine learning, energy efficiency, topology and geometry. However, instead of driving straight to machine learning, I want the scientists and engineers to think about — why utilize geometry to understand statistical inference? Always, start with the why! We use geometry, not because it is cool, au contraire it is necessary.

At ubi materia, ibi Geometria were the words of Johannes Kepler. Look around you; the world is full of…

Biswa Sengupta

I have been a senior technical executive with broad-spectrum expertise in leading AI startups and Fortune 500 companies.

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